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EXCLUSIVE BOOKS Re-opening (16 November 2017)

Anyone who really knows me, knows that apart from my family (this includes all furbabies), I COULD NOT live without books! So it was a no-brainer that I should attend last years re-opening of a very revamped Exclusive Books store at Cavendish Mall in Cape Town. There were crowds of people in an area outside the store, surrounding the speakers for the event, so many of us chose to remain in the store and watch this on the tv screens. We even got to hear from Jacques Pauw (writer of The President's Keeper), which was highly enlightening. Aftwerwards, we were treated to some very yummy treats and beverages, while we explored the revamped store. 

I love the way they have catergorised the books and the way they have labelled sections. I mean how cool it this...
The store is quite huge with books from ceiling to floor!            

There is also a kiddie area which looked really awesome!

It had a bunny on it so I had to take a photo :)

The delicious canapes...
There were mini quiches,…

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