My first Halloween party!

All Hallows Eve or Halloween, which falls on the 31st of October, is not everyones cup of tea, especially when people focus on  the symbolism of the day, i.e. the part about it being evil and the devils' night, etc. I, however, like many others, used this as an opportunity to dress up and have some fun. My sister threw a pretty awesome Halloween party at home, a few years ago, and I had serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out-I use words like these's apparently cool!). So this year, I decided to join in on the partying, and attended a shindig held at Crew Bar in Cape Town (It's actually a gay bar). Tickets were R170 (a little pricey).
This was my first Halloween Party, so dressing up was mandatory. My alter ego for the night was a blonde zombie pirate, who was accompanied by a red devil, a sugar skull and an IT Pennywise. We were also later joined by a witch and burlesque dancer. We arrived at the bar two hours later than when it commenced, and were still too early...So we went across the road to feed our starving stomachs. 
The decor was pretty neat. There were numerous scantily clad humans, and great costumes (many many Waldos, Life with lemons, witches, the little boy from IT, etc.). The bartenders who donned just their underwear, were pretty great too ;) Drinks were on the expensive side though!

 All in all, it was a really fun night with some crazy company!

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